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Monday, November 21, 2011

Saint Arnold Divine Reserve 11 (aka Endeavour)

Saint Arnolds Divine Reserve 11
Type: American Double, Imperial IPA

Appearance - While it pours with a full head, it quickly settles to allow you to enjoy the experience.  Waiting is sometimes frustrating when you want to taste a great beer.

Aroma:  Fresh honey with a slight hint of grape fruit.

First taste - Definitely taste the honey and the rush of my favorite flavors...hops!!  I imagine that this Divine Reserve 11 would have tasted even more amazing had it been completely fresh, but even after the many months of waiting for me to taste it, I'm impressed.  I admit that I have not found a beer that Saint Arnolds produces that completely captures my taste buds, but tonight...I found one.  Thankfully Saint Arnolds is smart enough to keep this one around for good and is releasing it as a normal production beer under the title, "Endeavour."  The vote was between the name 'eleven' and 'Endeavour' and Endeavour won.  I voted for Endeavour myself....who calls their beer eleven?  Really?!

Later tastes - Creamy, rich, a slight warmness, and the slightly bitter hoppy goodness that I love in my aftertastes. Some hate it, but I absolutely love it.

Rating: 9 out of 10

For its new name's connotation of the Space Shuttle Endeavor and for the James Cook's ship Endeavor, it represents the best that I've had from Saint Arnolds to date.  Good job Saint Arnolds, keep 'em comin'!!

Broma Theon
(food of the gods)



  1. Haven't tried this one... yet another beer to add to my list. Good to see that we're adding to the blog again! Keep the reviews coming!

  2. Ah, I wish I would have traded for more DR11 than I did. I thought it was VERY good!

  3. Since the beer is going to be on their regular list, I'll be able to ship you fresh 'Endeavour' whenever you want :)