Welcome to Cosmo's Beer Blog!

We’re a small group of friends and family scattered across the country who’ve all developed a thirst for craft and import beer. We decided that a blog would be a great venue for us to share our hobby. Here we will review beer, compare notes and challenge each other with "Beer Missions".

So welcome to our little world of discovering great tasting beer!


The Missions
Once every month or so a member of Cosmo's Beer Blog will create a "Beer Mission" for all of the members to embark on. While each mission will essentially be to taste and review beer, the idea here is for each of us to have the opportunity to come up with fun and creative ways to share our beer tasting experiences.

We'll make sure to keep these "mission possible" so that all members can participate and we hope that any followers of the blog will enjoy playing along too.

None of this is to say that we won't review other beers along the way. We each sample beer on a regular basis so we'll definitely have plenty of thoughts to share about the brews we try.

The Review Process
I'd like to propose that we use some similar guidelines when reviewing a beer. I don't think these need to be "hard fast" rules, but it would provide some continuity if we are reviewing most of the same aspects. The list below is inspired by Beeradvocate's articles "How to Review a Beer" and "How To Taste Beer".

Brew Details
Obviously we'll want to list the Brand / Brewery, the name of the brew and the style of beer.

Serving Conditions 
We won't always know, but since the temperature that a beer is served and the type of glassware can really affect taste, we should comment on this.

Brew Review
I propose that we describe and rate the following:
Appearance (Head, Color, etc.)
Taste, initial and finish
Mouthfeel (light, heavy, carbonation levels)
Overall impressions

Some other questions to keep in mind:
How did the taste change as the beer warmed?
Do you typically like this type of beer?
Do you typically like this brand of beer?
Would you recommend this beer to a fan of this type?

The Score
How would you score this brew on a scale from 1 to 10?
 1:  It just didn't suit me. I would not drink this again. 
 2:  I probably would not be willing to give this another try.
 3:  I might drink it if it were free.
 4:  I would drink it if it were free, but I probably wouldn't buy it.
 5:  Pretty good. I might even pay to drink it again.
 6:  It might not make my "top 10", but I'd pay to drink it again.
 7:  Very nice, a solid example of this style.
 8:  Awesome, definitely worth keeping in the beer fridge.
 9:  Very near beer perfection. I will buy this again.
10:  I can't imagine a better example of this style.