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Friday, November 25, 2011

Mikkeller 10 (APA)

Mikkeller 10
Type:  APA (American Pale Ale)

Appearance - A liquid very similar to a Hefe weisen or Belgian trippel with smokey liquid pours with a hefty  and lasting head.  

Aroma -  I would not have believed it unless I smelt it personally, but the smell that quickly dropped my expectations is…..wet dog.  Yes, the smell was wet dog with a side of hops.  Not very refreshing to start.

Taste -  Tastes more like a belgian trippel than an APA to me, but I'm fairly new to APA's so I'm trying to figure them out.  My absolute favorite APA is Zombie Dust by Three Floyds, but…I'll talk about that one in another review.  The citrus is definitely quality, but I just can't shake the 'wet dog' smell to really enjoy the hops.  Seeing that they brewed this limited release at De Poef, Belgium I am going to take a wild guess to understand why there are strong Belgium yeast overtones.

Rating - 6 out of 10

It was really hard to score it so low with the amazing complex flavors, but I just can't get past smelling wet dog while I am stuffing my face into the glass.  This is my first time trying anything by Mikkeller so I will try not to judge my next tastes of their beer based off of this limited release.  Till next time.

Broma Theon
(food of the gods)


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