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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mission 3: Double Imperial = Double Taste

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Okay, so this mission is going to start with an admission: I don't like reviewing beer that I don't enjoy. Don't get me wrong, I love trying all kinds of beer but I always feel bad about scoring brews low because I know that a brewer somewhere worked up a recipe and I hate trashing someone's invention. And if I'm being totally honest, I have to admit that I don't feel inspired to write about beers that I don't like. Obviously this creates an unrealistic cross-section of my tasting experience. It probably appears that I love every beer I try when the reality is that I run across many brews that don't suit my tastes.

Well, this mission didn't give me any room to hide, so I'll shoot straight.

(1) Southern Tier - Unearthly
Watery with a marmalade flavor that isn't over the top. An interesting brew that I won't avoid but probably won't go out of my way for either.
Score: 5 out 10

(2) Flying Dog - Double Dog
Oddly, the scent reminds me of a Belgian pale ale. Strong orange taste with a strong bitter alcohol finish. I won't say that this beer is bad, but it did not suit my tastes at all.
Score: 1 out 10

(3) Founders - Double Trouble
Awesome citrus hop scent, big citrus and pine front and a nice dry finish. Now, this I enjoyed!
Score: 9 out 10

(4) Mojo Risin - Boulder Beer
Small orange taste with a huge bitter finish. I like the little brother much, much better.
Score: 4 out 10

(5) Rouge - XS Imperial Pale Ale
I almost added this brew to my list of favorites. This brew reminded me distantly of an English IPA without as much "earthiness", which I really enjoyed.
Score: 8 out 10

So in the end, I did find a couple real winners. XS is good enough that I will seek it out and Double Trouble had to be listed as one of my favorites.

My new list looks like this:

(1) Bell's - Hopslam
(2) Three Floyds - Dreadnaught
(3) Oskar Blues - Gordon
(4) Three Floyds - Apocalypse Cow
(5) Founders - Double Trouble
(6) Victory Brewing - Hop Wallop

The separation between 1 - 3 is minuscule enough that it's difficult to say that I really have a favorite.

Thanks Charles, this was great mission! Lots of fun and very tasty!

Eis Igian,


  1. Interesting. I've found Flying Dog Double Dog on draft in a couple places. Tasted like an IPA strained thru mud from a Florida salt flat with a shot of Aunt Jemima's urine sample. I actually liked it!

    But I do agree that it was hard to classify as another double IPA.

  2. Hi Seth, thanks for your comment. Your amusing description of Double Dog makes me at least a little curious how it tastes like on tap :)