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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mission #4: Glassware

Over the years, I have spent the money to accumulate a fairly decent collection of glassware. I have snifters of varying size, tulips, stangs, pint glasses, chalices, Pilsner glasses, Weizen glasses, mugs, flutes, and wine glasses.

Yet, there are plenty of beer drinkers that drink beer directly from the decanter of origin. Others consider the pint glass to be the do-it-all beer glass. Have I wasted money and cabinet space by amassing a large collection of glassware? Or is there benefit to be enjoyed in selecting specific glassware to match the various ales and lagers?

Mission Parameters

Pick out one beer from each of the following categories:
1) Any Belgian style ale
2) A Russian Imperial Stout
3) An American Pale Ale, IPA, or Double IPA

1) Sample each beer from at least three different styles of glass, making sure to pick at least one glass from the Beeradvocate recommended glasses.
2) Sample each beer from the bottle or can.

Don't write a beer review, but rather a glass review. Take notes and report back on the following:
1) What, if any, are the differences in taste?
2) What, if any, are the differences in aroma?
3) From which glass did you prefer each beer?

I'll be excited to see the results of this Mission. I'm either going to feel justified in my collection of glassware or I'm going to be able to clear some space in my kitchen cabinets.

Eis Igian!


  1. I am curious to know if the glass really makes a difference in the tasting. I know with wines you want the ability to "smell" the wine while tasting. If it works that a different style enhances the flavor that would be awesome, if not, I'm sure Laura will love some of her cabinets back, lol.

  2. This looks like a fun one that will force me to pick up the rest of the glasses I need ;)