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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Family Reunion, Tasting 3

July 5th, 2011

The group tonight was a mix of people who had joined us the previous two nights. It's interesting how the ales of varying intensity have apparently scared off a few but have also attracted many repeat customers. Tonight we sampled a new variety:
1. Madhouse Brewing Company - American Wheat - American Pale Wheat Ale
2. Great Lakes Brewing Company - Burning River Pale Ale - American Pale Ale
3. Sun King - Osiris - American Pale Ale
4. Boulevard Brewing Co. - The Sixth Glass - Quadrupel
5. Avery Brewing Company - The Czar - Russian Imperial Stout
6. Firestone Walker Brewing Co. - Abacus - American Barleywine
7. Three Floyds - Dreadnaught - Imperial IPA
8. Full Sail Brewery - Reserve Old Boardhead Barley Wine Ale - American Barleywine

While tastes differed as usual, the two clear favorites of the evening were Abacus and Dreadnaught. Both are fantastic brews, but I was surprised that a Double IPA could be such a crowd pleaser.

Eis Egian,

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