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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mission No. 3 - Imperial/Double IPAs

This mission was great,

Hardcore IPA (explicit imperial ale) - (rated 5) - Poured like grape fruit juice, smelled close to belgium ale with a hint of lime, but did not pleasure the taste buds.  I can taste the alcohol immediately, a bit overwhelming.  It has a pleasurable aftertaste and perfect carbonated consistency, but the flavor just never sat right with me.  No matter how many times I sipped it just seemed like something was just 'off'.

Moylander Double IPA - (rated 8) - Pours with a full head, and a light citrus aroma.  This is a very sneaky beer...I can't taste the alcohol at all and it is 8.5%!  It does not have a typical, or at least typical in the double IPAs I've had so far, taste.  In fact it almost feels like it has no taste until the aftertaste, very strange.  The aftertaste lets you know it is an IPA, but that's pretty much it.  Almost too much carbonation, but this is a great beer.  I found another one I like...next.

Moylander Triple IPA - (rated 9) - the more hops the better!  I was very excited to see a triple sitting beside the double IPA by Moylander.  It has a familiar aftertaste as a Belgium ale and the crisp punch of the triple IPA, what a great combination.

Bells Hopslam Double IPA - (rated 9) - I can't get this beer in Houston and forget the specifics, but I remember that it was an amazing beer....sorry I didn't write the review when I tried it.

Harpoon Leviathan Imperial IPA - (rated 9) - This was the most surprise I had so far. I picked it up as a four pack for fairly cheep ($11) and did not expect to get the drinkability it served. Pours very crisp with little to no head. With a sweet and mild flower effervescent it is quite the delight. The aftertaste leaves a touch of warmth, but well balanced, so well balanced you are ready to take the next drink somewhat quickly. I found myself finishing a bottle before I completed the taste test...interesting. Either way, this is a big surprise and I am very happy to have found such a cheap wonderful Imperial IPA.

Bridgeport Hop Czar Imperial IPA - (rated 7) - Pours as a solid amber with little to no head. Initial whiff is a subtle pleasant flowery smell.  Initial taste is lacking with plenty of carbonation.  Aftertaste is warm and pleasant, which can almost fool me into desiring another one.

After trying these different beers I tried the 479 again and found its taste was a little lacking.  Maybe I had it in the fridge too long, I don't know.  The winner of this contest has to be the Harpoon Leviathan Imperial IPA for a great balance of cost and flavor.  The Moylander wins by its great taste, but the Leviathan gets it in the end due to its sheer value.

Till next time,

Broma Theon (the food of the Gods)


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  1. Hi Charles, those are some interesting reviews. I've had the Hopslam (obviously) and the Harpoon, but none of the others. I think that you'd like Lagunitas "Hop Stoopid". It seems to be along the lines of the IPAs you like the most.